Side Trails

The following side-trails can be found intermittently along the Wapack Trail. Some lead to lesser-pathed trailheads while others act as alternate routes. Click on a trail name to find out more about it.  Complete trail details and directions are presented in our Guide to the Wapack Trail.

Beebe Trail

Beebe Trail, Temple Mountain State Reservation, Peterborough, N.H. – 0.75 Miles – white blazes
Named in honor of Charlie and Lucie Beebe who opened Temple Mountain Ski Area in 1937. This recently cut trail offers an alternative scenic route to and from the summit of Temple Mountain and follows mostly former ski trails.

Berry Pasture Trail

Berry Pasture Trail, Sharon, N.H. – 1.0 mile – blue blazes
The Berry Pasture trail head is located on Mountain Road approximately 0.6 miles from its intersection with NH Route 123.  The trail is located almost entirely within the Lincoln Davis Memorial Forest owned by the New England Forestry Foundation. The trail is named for a large blueberry pasture that once existed a little over half ways up the trail. This was for a long while a commercial blueberry operation. It has since been overgrown and was recently logged. In cooperation with the New England Forestry Foundation, the Friends of the Wapack are attempting to keep the former pasture area open to provide views and recapture the open nature of the area. From the now cleared berry pasture area there are spectacular views of Mount Monadnock and points west. 

Cliff Trail

Cliff Trail, Greenfield, N.H. – 1.1 miles – blue blazes
The Cliff Trail lies entirely within the Wapack National Wildlife Refuge and provides a rewarding loop for someone wishing to do a short but challenging hike from the northern end of the Wapack Trail. The cliff offers spectacular views of Mount Monadnock, Pack Monadnock and the city of Manchester.

Frank Robbins Trail

Frank Robbins Trail, Binney Hill Preserve, New Ipswich, N.H. – 1.1 Miles – white blazes
This new trail is named in honor of Frank Robbins, who, along with Marion Davis, founded the Wapack Trail in 1923. The Frank Robbins Trail connects to the Wapack Trail  at two locations and provides an alternative route to the Wapack Trail through the preserve, avoiding the large clearing from timber harvests by the previous owner. The trail is approximately one mile long, and blazed with a white stripe. It provides a moderately easy hike with views of Pratt Mountain through a forest that is “re-wilding”. Click here for a map of the trail. 

Raymond Trail

Raymond Trail, Pack Monadnock Mountain, Peterborough, N.H. – 1.4 miles – white blazes
The Raymond Trail is located on East Mountain Road in Peterborough, N.H. It passes through town of Peterborough conservation land on it’s way to the summit, where it joins the Wapack Trail. 

Marion Davis Trail

Marion Davis Trail, Miller State Park, Peterborough and Temple, N.H. – 1.3 miles – blue blazes
The Marion Davis Trail was named after the co-founder of the Wapack Trail and was the original path of the Wapack Trail up Pack Monadnock Mountain. The Wapack Trail was relocated in the 1980s to its current location on the west side of the mountain and this section was renamed the Marion Davis Trail. 

Kidder Mt. Trail

Kidder Mountain Trail, New Ipswich, N.H..- 0.8 miles – blue blazes
The Kidder Mountain Trail provides a short easy hike to the summit of Kidder Mountain (elevation 1,805 feet) which provides fine views of the area. The summit is open to the south and east and overs views of New Ipswich and as well as the southern half of the Wapack Range.

State Line Trail

State Line Trail, Ashburnham, Mass. 1.25 miles – blue blazes
The State Line Trail starts at the southern end of the Wapack Trail in Ashburnham, Mass., at the Route 119 parking lot and follows an old cart path to Nutting Hill, then heads north to the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line.
The stone wall at the NH state line is also is the end point of the Midstate Trail, which is indicated by an engraved granite stone placed on the wall. The Midstate Trail enters on the right. This can be followed for approximately 0.1 miles, where it intersects the Wapack Trail. 

Spruce Knoll Trail

Spruce Knoll Spur Trail, Peterborough, N.H. – 0.5 miles –
plastic blazes

The Spruce Knoll Spur Trail, blazed with Nature Conservancy signs, is located on the southeast side of the Miller State Park summit parking lot. It offers an interesting short hike out to a knoll on the Nature Conservancy’s Joanne Bass Bross Preserve.  A recent trail extension from the knoll leads to an outlook with views to the east and north.