Trail Notices & Closures

Ticks and Mud, and a Timber Harvest

There is a timber harvest in progress along the Kidder Mountain Trail. The skidder path goes through the low wet area under the power lines, creating an area of deep mud. There is a muddy area where the trail enters the woods after the power lines. The skidder path crosses the trail in the woods just before the start of the steep incline to the summit, creating another muddy area. Watch out for timber harvesting equipment along the trail.

As of this writing the trails are fairly dry and proper “mud season” is almost over, except in the area of the timber harvest. Still, please be mindful when hiking during or after substantial rain. Following good Leave No Trace practice means keeping the trails we enjoy so much as small as possible. When approaching a muddy section try to use rocks, roots or other debris instead of stepping around or off the trail.

One other thing to watch out for now that the warmer weather is with us are ticks! We’ve had reports of more than a few hikers who’ve already found a few unwanted hitchhikers after returning home from the trails. Ticks will attach by brushing off on a passing hiker, often while stepping through grass or low-hanging vegetation. Minimize time spent in areas like this to reduce the chance of bumping into one. For more information, check out this article by our friends at the AMC on how best to deal with ticks.

Limited Parking at Mt. Watatic

There is limited parking in the designated lot, which may be gated. The parking lot is part of Ashburnham State Forest, which is managed by DCR out of their nearby Headquarters at Willard Brook State Forest. You can contact them with questions at (978) 597-8802 or

Miller State Park Access and Reservations

NH State Parks is implemented a reservations system. For the latest information about access to Miller State Park and other State Parks, visit NH State Parks : Day-Use Reservations

Page last updated May 25, 2024.