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Annual Meeting Recap

We’d like to extend a thank you to all who came to the 2023 Annual Meeting! We had a great time seeing everyone and hope you did as well. Many thanks to our speaker Al Jenks and others who contributed their own stories and memories. Marion’s Book of Spring During Al Jenk’s talk he recounted a memento of Marion’s that she had given to him. A small book containing sketches of wildflowers from the region. Marion would have been nearly 20 at the time of writing. The full book is included below, thanks to Tom Stoddart for photographing them.

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Marion Davis and the Wapack Lodge

We hope you’ll enjoy the following excerpt by Marion and memories from friends and family as a peek into Marion’s life and the origins of the Wapack Trail and Lodge. Making the Wapack Trail and Lodge Shortly before her death in 1986, Marion Davis recorded her memories at the encouragement of her brother, Walter Buck. The following is an excerpt from the 43 page transcript of that recording. In 1922 Albert Annette came over to the farm [in Rindge]. Frank and I were haying down in the field. He wanted to talk with us so we came up and sat…

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Voice of the Wapack – Fall 2023

President’s Note Our Spring / Summer issue of this year’s newsletter focused on the story of the creation of the Wapack Trail and the Wapack Lodge, the roles of the trail founders, Frank Robbins and Marion Davis, and the maintenance and protection of the trail over the past century. As we near the end of this centennial year, our focus for this issue is the same as for our upcoming annual meeting, to share personal remembrances of Marion, Frank, the Trail and the Lodge. See our other recent post where we have a transcript dedicated to those memories. See also…

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